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I moved into my garden home 2 years ago, and I can honestly say I am extraordinarily happy and contented here. The staff I have met are warm and responsive to my concerns and requests. I am enjoying my neighbors, the quietness of the campus, and the feeling of safety when I walk about the grounds. I particularly like the lack of responsibility in making decisions about maintenance issues, knowing that if something needs attention in my home, there is someone here who will take care of it for me. My garden home is spacious enough to allow me to have overnight guests, the grounds are beautiful and well-maintained, and spotting a deer or a duck family occasionally is a special treat.
5 Star Review — Carolyn K. (Google Reviews)
Great place and environment to live and thrive.
5 Star Review — DAB (Google Reviews)
I moved to Traditions about a year ago. It has been a great experience and a very successful move.

I found the staff to be totally supportive and helpful, particularly Jennifer Brown. Her job title is "Move-In Coordinator," but I have seen her in many roles under this title.

From her initial introduction to my daughters, who made all the arrangements, to my final move in, Jennifer made it a smooth transition. Once I was here, I had an illness that put me in the hospital. Jennifer kept tabs on the situation, even going so far as to visit me in the hospital on her own time. She gives each resident this personal attention as she goes about her many duties from serving the weekly brunches to helping with individual requests.

Jennifer Brown is compassionate and professional at all times, and a great asset to the Traditions' staff.
— Barbara A.
Thank you for the newsletter. It was great being introduced to new employees...
We appreciate your care for our dad Joe. He is very happy living at traditions...
— Maria
Thank you to the Traditions of Beavercreek Team for allowing me to serve as your interim. It was a privilege to work with such a compassionate company and dedicated individuals. I appreciated the great support from the corporate team. It’s always pleasure to work for company who’s family oriented and places focus on resident care and acknowledges staff. Keep up the great work!! This was truly a great experience.
— Teresa L.
I just want to pass along a message that my father and I could not be more impressed with Julie!! She gave us a tour on Friday and was so kind, inviting and patient. She answered all of my dad's questions -- and he shared that he was delighted that "she laughed at his jokes!" She took the time to make us both feel very welcome! What a great representative for your amazing facility! Thank you, Julie!!!
— Tami M.
Traditions at Beavercreek is on the top of my list of places to go. The place is new, very nice and very clean. In a two-bedroom unit, they truly have two bedrooms and a living room. Some just have two big rooms where one was the bedroom and the other one was the living room. The dining area was gorgeous. It was like a high-end restaurant with table service.
— Earl
Our Dad has been there for 5 months and he is very happy. Everyone is friendly and helpful and the food has improved since he moved in!! We are thankful for a safe and caring place for him to live.
— Maria G.
We have had our mom at Traditions for a few years now. She is the happiest I've ever seen her. Jennifer, the new executive director, has really turned the facility around and I'm thankful for all her communication. I've seen her working long hours to ensure the residents are well cared for and mom has told me the food is great! Thanks for taking wonderful care of mom and allowing me to know she's safe. I highly recommend this facility to anyone looking to place their loved one.
— Nick B.
We've chosen Traditions of Beavercreek for my parents, and they're moving in next weekend. It's a single story and everything was included, internet, cable, phone, maintenance, utility, trash, water, sewage, all that. The location is near shopping and groceries. It's got good rooms and they have activities. The staff is informational, nice, pleasant, and friendly.
— Anonymous (Caring.com)
Just a quick note to tell you how much we are enjoying the food service prepared by Drew. The food is MUCH better, taster, and is being served much quicker. The servers are noticing the people who need to be waited on quicker than in the past. Thanks for the efforts you have put in to get these improvements. Also, the men's breakfast that Liz did this morning was very good. Waffles, bacon, maple syrup, mixed fruit, and hot chocolate (for me). We hope you allow these to continue, as both Drew and Liz are very dedicated to their jobs, and it shows. thanks again, and we hope that you recognize their efforts.
— Ed E.
We toured Traditions of Beavercreek and it was very nice. The place that they had was sixteen hundred and some square feet. All the appliances and everything was there. You also receive your Internet, your TV, and your yard maintenance. It was very big. It's a two-bedroom. This particular one we saw was brand new and never lived in. It also had a garage. We only met one staff who showed us through. She was very nice and very informed. I know they had a nurse 24 hours a day. They even had maintenance come if something happened to your place at night. It was quite a bit less expensive than the other one that we saw. They also have something that if you happen to become incapacitated, they had something you could move from that place into a place that had medical attention. You can get any meal for $5 while you're living in the other part.
— Larry (Caring.com)
I was in search of a place for my parents. After much trepidation, I called Traditions and the community relations director answered the phone. He could not have been more reassuring. He sensed my uncertainty and said “he was here for me and that he would help me with whatever I needed”. I am from out of town and I knew scheduling a tour would be difficult- he said, “you can come over right now”. The director took the reigns when needed and from that visit on, the transition of moving my parents from their home to Traditions was well orchestrated and welcoming. The team at Traditions has been wonderful not only to my parents, but to our family, as well. We feel assured that the staff is taking excellent care of my parents when we are unable to be with them. It’s hard when it’s time to make the decision to move a family member- you want to know that your parent(s) are being taken care of physically and emotionally. I am confident that Traditions has met this goal.
— Amy H. (SeniorAdvisor.com)
Traditions of Beavercreek was very good. I liked the design. It's very spacious. My husband would have to go into the memory ward. We had a full tour. I talked to Mark, and I met the person who was in charge of the Alzheimer's ward, but she was busy at the time. I really didn't do a lot of one-on-one talking to her, but Mark explained it all to me and I felt satisfied with everything he said. They asked me if I wanted anything, but we didn't have a lot of time. Based on the appearance of everything, the atmosphere, and the graciousness of the people I came in contact with, I would rate it a 'five.'
— Jean (Caring.com)
We have recently moved Mom to Traditions. After going to other places, we felt Traditions was the best fit for mom. Her one bedroom apartment has a lot of room and is cleaned once a week, and sheets and towels are washed each week. She has needed some help along the way and the floor nurses and staff have been most helpful. We have appreciated Mark and his staff settling mom in and answering all of our questions as well as addressing any concerns we may have. Mom is adapting to her new environment as the staff continues to monitor her often and make her feel welcome. She was able to bring her beloved cat and having her cat has helped her to adjust even better to her new surroundings.
— Donna P.
Traditions of Beavercreek is a very nice place. Mark is awesome; he's pretty much the only person I've dealt with there. I'm a little confused because I have 2 different people saying 2 different things on visitation. One is saying that you have to be on the list, and the other one saying you have to call in advance. My mother-in-law loves her room. She has a spacious 1-bedroom apartment. She says she plays cards, bingo and goes to the pub and hangs with friends. In terms of the food, she says she's enjoyed everything so far.
— Tera (Caring.com)
I looked at the garden homes of Traditions of Beavercreek. When they first opened, a friend and I decided to go check them out. They were pretty new when we went, and the atmosphere was good. My problem is that I'm used to such a big open house that anything smaller is going to be difficult. The kitchen area was pretty good in their garden homes. Of the independent places I've looked at, it's probably one of the top ones on my list. They have transportation if you need to do grocery shopping or something. There's a beauty salon and a fitness center, which is a plus. They have certain social events, and I like that. The person who gave me the tour was great. I was impressed with what they have. I'm just used to a big house. It felt a little cramped, but I thought it was stylish and the interior was well thought out. It's at the top of my list.
— Karen (Caring.com)
My mother has been at Traditions since August 28 of this year. I was extremely distraught over placing her anywhere, but after researching other facilities, talking to Stephanie and friends who had their loved ones there, I felt it was the best choice for Mom. The staff has repeatedly told me how sweet Mom is and how they love having her there. Any concerns I've had have been addressed and taken care of. Although I know the caregivers are very busy, they are always polite, never make me feel like I'm asking too much when I want to visit or call Mom. If they aren't able to make the visit or phone call happen, they get back to me and apologize. What I want most for Mom is for her to be happy, or at least content and be well taken care of. She seems to be. Sometimes she'll even say she's happy. I also would like to say that I am impressed with how Traditions is at the forefront in learning about new research and developments in the care of those with Cognitive Impairment. This shows that they are committed to providing the best care for our loved ones. Thank you Traditions at Beavercreek!
— Marylin O.
My dad has been residing at Traditions of Beavercreek for almost two years. I knew this was the place for him when I started touring when the building was still under construction. The beautiful surroundings were a huge factor in the decision, as well as the warm and welcoming staff I interacted with during my tours and conversations. Now that my dad is here, it is definitely the right choice. It is a very comfortable environment, and my dad has many opportunities to socialize, which he needed. My brother and I can rest assured that he is safe, taken care of and happy. His quality of life has greatly improved thanks to the move he made to this wonderful community.
— Alison B.
I was honored to work in this building as a physical therapist. I've never worked in such an incredible and caring environment!! The building is beautiful, the staff are supportive and always cheering on the residents during their therapy, and the residents all seem like family. Brittany has done an incredible job leading this community!!
— David K.
I wanted to share my experience with the Traditions staff and how much I cherish this relationship. Brittany and her staff have always treated me so kindly when I have come to the facility to visit. I can see how much Brittany truly cares for her residents and her staff making sure that they have everything they need. It is a difficult job to keep everything running smoothly, but Brittany has shown that it can be done in the most stressful of times. I would always joke around with the residents and staff that I was going to move in myself when I was older because of the great atmosphere. Keep up the good work and I miss seeing you guys daily!
— Erika F.
Great place with great leadership!!
— Jeremy C.
The people of Beavercreek have gone above and beyond expectations in handling the care of my mother. They are not only compassionate to the families, but their passion for the job shows through in their availability to myself for any questions or concerns I have. I could not ask for a better place or people to care for my mom!!
— Eric L.
I have been meaning to send you this letter of thanks from the time my parents, Bill and Ramona, moved into the independent living cottage at Traditions in Beavercreek in Sept/Oct of last year. I live in Columbus, and my husband and I have visited as much as we can. We have been so impressed with the care you take with all your residents, and the kindness you give them. Because we live in Columbus, we can't visit as frequently as we would like to, but we are heartened by your care & extra help you provide residents (eg, the groceries in the Valley model home most recently), and that gives us so much peace of mind, especially during this troubling time with the COVID-19. As a journalist, I write about health care issues, so I know you all are putting yourselves at risk every day, and that your energy and mental health are especially tasked at this time. Please know I am so very, very appreciative of and grateful for your love, attention and hard work. You are truly angels! Here is a virtual hug from a very grateful daughter and her husband.
— Lisa S.
As this building grows over the years, so does the compassion and grace shown by the staff. I am an employee of Traditions of Beavercreek, and I couldn't be prouder to work with a group of people who genuinely care about what they're doing. It is not just a paycheck to them. It is not just somewhere to go to get out of the house. It is definitely somewhere to go so that they can be the person who makes someone else smile. They want to be there and make those people feel loved every single day. Former Wellness Director, now loving Floor Nurse for Memory Care.
— Stacy S.
Traditions of Beavercreek was wonderful. The rooms were great. The dining area was very nice. They have a schedule of activities going on every day. The staff was wonderful. They have very good amenities. They have an exercise room, a place for hairdressing, and a chapel. The building was not humongous.
— Cathie
Great staff, caring and compassionate!
— Tara J.
5 Star Review — Sharon S.
I had an interview here today, and I must say, I have never felt so welcomed to a healthcare facility before!!! Everyone greeted me as I walked in the door, no one walked past without offering something!!! Truly amazed...keep up the great work!!
— Shannon L.
Great place with very caring staff. I have never seen a better place and I am in healthcare.
— Ray S.
I don't spend much time in assisted living facilities. However, I've been to this particular one a handful of times to visit my mother-in-law who works here. I've got to say, as far as places like this go...there's a stigma that's associated with them. Traditions is warm and inviting. I've gone to several events here and the residents have such a great time. If I'm every in the position that I need a facility like this, I know where to go.
— Justin G. (Google Reviews)
Everything was good at Beavercreek. I would live there. The facility was brand spanking new and it didn't look like a nursing facility, it looked like a really nice apartment complex. There were houses in the back and single family dwelling houses. It was open, spacious, airy and light. There were also activities. As you walk in, there's a lady to greet you, but it didn't feel like a receptionist's desk. It made you feel like you walked into somebody's living room. She was very friendly and the admissions person was fantastic. They had excellent follow through. The staff as they walked by engaged with the residents and the residents engaged with the staff. It looked like they were having a card party. It just felt alive. I was shown the independent living, the assisted living and the memory care sections.
— Gloria (Caring.com)
Things are going pretty well for my mothers since her move into Traditions. It is a brand new facility and she loves her apartment. My father-in-law is on the assisted living side and it's going pretty well for him, too. I would recommend this community because it is new, clean and everyone is friendly.
— Beavercreek, OH Family (SeniorAdvisor.com)
A beautiful facility and everything you could need or want is provided. My sister's apartment is beautiful because everything is new. The place is nice, kind of like in the suburbs, easy to find and has plenty of parking. They have exercise, movies and transportation to where you need to go.
— Donna (Caring.com)
I loved Traditions of Beavercreek. They were just opening up and everything looked brand new. It looked like a very high-end upscale hotel inside that people with a lot of money would go to. They allowed pets and had a beauty salon and fitness center. They offered a chapel for people, restaurant-style dining that included three meals a day and snacks, a theater, a second little cafe casual dining area, laundry, transportation and 24-hour nursing staff available with emergency response. They had housekeeping in the assisted living. Somebody comes in once a week who does the cleaning, washes and changes their bedding. It had walking paths and nice grounds around it. They set up little mini trips to the grocery, to the mall or even a special outing to a play. There was endless recreation and entertainment.
— Kathleen (Caring.com)
My mother is at Traditions of Beavercreek. It's fairly new, clean and the price is good. I like the size of the room. It's very nice. They have a meeting area where they do games, different activities, a small area where they can do exercise bikes ad exercise classes, a nice dining room and another room where they do happy hour. They have a nice courtyard, which is very well maintained. It's bright, cheery and very open. The staff is good.
— Anonymous (Caring.com)
I have relatives that are residents here. Staff are all very nice and professional. Facility is great. Phase 2 and 3 will be adding more independent living units. Many relatives have visited and nearly all say 'I want to live here.' Fabulous food, too!
— Timothy D. (Google Reviews)