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How to Have “The Talk” with Your Parents About Senior Living This Father’s Day

The time has come. Time to have “the talk”. No, not that talk.  Your dad had "the talk" with you. Now...
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Traditions of Beavercreek Resident is Energized Through Volunteerism

Traditions of Beavercreek resident Carolyn Klaus was featured in the Dayton Daily News. Carolyn shared how volunteering fuels her fulfilling...
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Understanding the Role of Home Health Care 

Guest Blogger: Chyle Morgan Administrator, Best Choice Home Care  In today’s ever-changing and often confusing healthcare landscape, there’s a growing...
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The Varietas® Memory Care Program by Traditions

Our Mission Traditions Communities will maximize the quality of life for each and every resident by providing the highest level...
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Powered by Connection: Celebrating Older Americans Month 2024

May is Older Americans Month! Established in 1963 and led by the Administration for Community Living (ACL), Older Americans Month is a time...
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What Can We Learn About Aging From the “Nun Study” 

In his study Aging and Alzheimer's Disease: Lessons From the Nun Study Dr. David A Snowdon, PhD. explores the longevity of Sister...
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Addressing Grief Following the Loss of a Loved One

Guest Contributor Jill Huynh, Licensed Social Worker and Parent Coach for over 20 years Even though death is known as a natural...
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Let’s Meet Rosie, the Robot the Newest Addition to the Staff at Traditions of Beavercreek 

Rosie, a premium service robot from Navia Robotics, is joining the team at Traditions of Beavercreek! We had the opportunity...
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National Exercise Day 2024

 National Exercise Day  National exercise day is April 18! Regular exercise is essential for everyone but is especially crucial for...
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How to Discuss a Grandparent’s Illness with Your Children

As part of #OurCommitment to create spaces with multiple generations, it’s important to us to provide resources for all the...
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How to Safely Enjoy the Upcoming Solar Eclipse 

Guest blogger: Bryan Simpson, President, Cincinnati Astronomical Society  On April 8, 2024, eyes will turn to the sky for an...
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Pets & Their Impact on Seniors

Guest Blogger: Jocelyn Strassel, MS, CVT, CDBC ~ Clinical Behaviorist MSPCA-Angell Animal Medical Center The Benefits of Owning a Pet...
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