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Resident of the Month - Carol Bouchard

Carol Bouchard's Life Before Joining Traditions of Beavercreek 

Carol was born and raised in the beautiful city of Alpena, located in Northern Michigan along the coast of Lake Huron. She has called Traditions of Beavercreek home for three and a half years.

“My son and I liked the grounds of Beavercreek and the wetlands that surround the campus. I did not want to look out my window and see a parking lot or freeway,” said Carol.

Carol lights up when talking about her beloved late husband, Philippe.

“Philippe was a jet pilot in the Air Force and served in Vietnam. He also taught at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He climbed the ranks to become a Brigadier General; he was a great guy and leader. We were always on the same page and perfect life partners.”

Carol and Philippe have four children, three sons and a daughter.

“I also have five grandchildren,” continued Carol, “But only one is local. I have no great grands yet, darn it!”

Before retiring, Carol was an RN. She trained under The Sisters of Mercy in Detroit; however, when she got married and had her four children, she put her career as a nurse on hold to raise her children.

“Heck, I had my own pediatric ward at home,” she laughed.

When asked if she has any hidden talents, Carol laughed again and said with a wry smile, “No part of me is hidden; what you see is what you get! I like people!”

Enjoying Her Life at Traditions of Beavercreek

Carol enjoys researching interdenominational devotions for church on Sunday in Beavercreek’s chapel. She also enjoys the community’s Forget Me Nots and their group crossword puzzles.

Being very social, Carol enjoys breakfast at Beavercreek, saying, “It is not so much the actual meal or food. Breakfast is less crowded, and I can go around table-to-table and check in with the other residents. I use this time as a meet and greet. We are all family… all of us… even the staff – they seem to spend more time with us than they do with their families!”

Being Nominated for Resident of the Month at Traditions of Beavercreek

Carol embodies Traditions Management’s core values (Important vs. Necessary, Dignity, Service, Socialization, and Choices) in many ways. 

“As a retired nurse, I took an oath to help people. I will always advocate for other residents if they need something or are uncomfortable asking for themselves. I will always stand up for others. I enjoy it here at Traditions of Beavercreek!”

“We nominated Carol for Traditions’ Resident of the Month because of her unwavering compassion and kindness towards her fellow residents, or as Carol calls them, ‘my family’,” said Julie Lesley, Beavercreek’s Community Relations Director.

“I agree with Julie wholeheartedly,” added Charles Quinn, Beavercreek’s Executive Director and Area Vice President of Operations for Cincinnati. “Carol continues to amaze with her servant’s heart and empathy toward residents and staff alike.”

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