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Let’s Meet Rosie, the Robot the Newest Addition to the Staff at Traditions of Beavercreek 

Rosie, a premium service robot from Navia Robotics, is joining the team at Traditions of Beavercreek! We had the opportunity to sit down with Rosie ahead of her exciting launch to talk all things in robotic food delivery. Let’s meet Rosie! 

Q: Rosie, we’re so excited to meet you! Are you excited to get started at Traditions of Beavercreek? 

A: Bi-Bop-Bi-Bop-Be-Dee-Bop, sorry! Excuse me, it’s cold here in Ohio! I’m very excited to get started to meet all the residents. 

Q: As a robot that works in food service, what is your favorite types of food? 

A: Oh, I enjoy a little bit of this and a byte of that.  

Q: Favorite snack? 

A: I really like chips! 

Q: Favorite fruit? 

A: Apple 

Q: Serving three meals a day takes a lot of stamina. How do you stay in shape? 

A: Circuit training. 

Q: Do you accept tips? 

A: Cache only… 

Q: What are some of your favorite movies? 

A: Short Circuit, Transformers, A.I., Robots, I, Robot, RoboCop, and The Notebook. 

Q: The Notebook? 

A: Ryan Gosling can push my buttons anytime. 

Q: Biggest turn ons? 

A: My on button. 

Q: Biggest turn offs? 

A: My off switch.  

Q: Favorite genre of music? 

A: Electronica 

Q: What do you hope to bring to the table at Traditions of Beavercreek? 

A: A wide selection of delicious and nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Look for Rosie, the robot, the latest, exciting edition to Traditions of Beavercreek soon