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Congratulations to All of Our Housekeeping Recognition Winners

Recognizing Our Housekeeping Staff at Traditions

Some so many people make it possible for us to care for our residents, primarily through a challenging year like this one.

Because we know it takes a team to make it happen, we’d like to recognize the housekeepers who have exceeded expectations this year. This particular group has been instrumental in supporting our team and caring for our residents.

Please join us in congratulating the following team members for their hard work, commitment, and recognition.

Dana Fritts and Debbie Belbeck
Traditions at Beavercreek

We could easily nominate them individually for their outstanding work, but picking one from this Dynamic Duo would be like choosing a favorite child—it can’t be done.

This team goes above and beyond in whatever is asked of them to help us with the best presentation of our community. Our residents love and trust Dana and Debbie. Both deliver what is important vs. necessary in their daily tasks to make every day a better day for our residents.

Dana and Debbie involve our residents in their housekeeping and anticipate what their needs will be in their service, exceeding expectations. With the expansion from 12 Garden Homes to 48 Garden Homes since opening in 2017, we have put a lot of additional work on this Dynamic Duo’s plate, and without hesitation, they step up to the plate and deliver a home run. Dana and Debbie exceed expectations by making our residents’ new homes feel warm and welcoming.

Rosalina Rodriguez
Traditions at Brookside

We are honored to nominate Rosalina Rodriguez as our housekeeper, who goes above and beyond. Words cannot explain how great Rosa is in her role. Traditions at Brookside is honored to have her as an employee.

Rosa is a very dedicated employee, in everything she does. She is always pleasant with our residents and a great team player, doing everything with a smile, even cleaning big messes without question or complaint. Her upbeat personality and willingness to help makes her a super special person.

Benita Sanogo
Highgrove at Tates Creek

We want to take the time to introduce everyone to our excellent Queen of Clean, Benita Sanogo. Benita has been part of the HG family since September 2018. While her nametag says ‘housekeeper,’ Benita is always willing to pitch in and help with any department. She has been known to help give a shower, help on the floor if needed or help to serve cocktails for happy hour. Just today, I walked up from memory care, and Benita was leading our chair yoga class: )

The residents and her co-workers love her. She is quick to give hugs to our residents or staff when people are feeling down. Benita is always on time and will work over if she is needed. A true team player, and we couldn’t ask for more.

Beth Burris
Traditions at Reagan Park

Beth has worked at Traditions at Reagan Park for six years this month. In that time, she has proven to be a dedicated employee by demonstrating a strong work ethic. Beth quietly completes her work and is often complimented by the residents for her service. Most recently a resident complimented Beth by saying ‘she does a nice job of keeping my home clean, but most importantly, I trust her.’

This month is Beth’s anniversary with Traditions, so what a perfect time to recognize her. Thank you, Beth, for your commitment to the residents of Reagan Park.

Iasia Johnson
Traditions at Solana

Iasia has only been employed with us for a few months but has become the most significant member of our housekeeping team. She has a hospital/healthcare personality and works hard to get the job done in a fixed timeframe. She is a very hardworking housekeeper.

Iasia has a natural capacity to carry out all her tasks carefully and vigilantly. She is a committed person who is keen to follow directions from her supervisor and always ready to improve herself. I guarantee that she will be a perfect choice for someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty for our residents.

Connie Psomas
Apple Blossom Senior Living

Connie has been with us from the beginning and is an integral part of our team. Reliability and dependability define Connie’s work ethic. Apple Blossom residents all appreciate Connie’s work and attention to detail. She always has a friendly smile and warm greeting.

We are pleased to recognize Connie for her dedication to Apple Blossom residents and staff.

Helen Hubbard
Traditions at Beaumont

We would like to recognize Helen Hubbard for her outstanding performance as a housekeeper here at our community.

First and foremost, Helen is a team player. She continually demonstrates initiative and rarely needs supervision. She has demonstrated that she has the knowledge and ability to complete her job in a timely manner, exemplary fashion and is always willing and available to help when she is asked to perform additional tasks. The quality of her work is always praiseworthy, and she truly cares about the welfare of our residents and their living conditions. Our residents and staff feel blessed and honored to have Helen as part of our Traditions community.

Sherry Frazier
Northbend Senior Living

Sherry is such a warm and caring spirit, and it shows in everything she does. She is always in a great mood and exudes positivity. She was the only housekeeper here when we opened, but even with all that pressure on her shoulders, she always puts her heart and soul into everything she did. I was impressed with her almost immediately, but after I received compliment on top of compliment from both residents and family members, I knew my first impression was correct.

Sherry received a thank you card from one of the family members because of how she went above and beyond to make a last minute move happen seamlessly. This family member closed her letter with ‘Traditions is lucky to have your expertise when it comes to warmth and kindness. I feel confident mom will benefit as well,’ and we couldn’t agree more! Sherry is not only an exceptional housekeeper, she’s a fantastic human, and we are more than lucky to have her as part of our team!