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Congratulations to All of Our Activities Director Recognition Nominees

Recognizing our Activities Directors at Traditions

Some so many people make it possible for us to care for our residents, primarily through a challenging year like this one.

This month, we have chosen to recognize our Activities Director and Assistant nominees, who have been instrumental in supporting our teams and engaging, inspiring, and caring for our residents.

Please join us in congratulating the following nominees for their hard work, creativity, and recognition:

Mary Evans
Traditions at North Willow

Mary is a true asset to North Willow and has a genuine desire to bring happiness to our residents. She has been an amazing team player throughout her time here, always willing to go above and beyond for our residents and staff.

She thinks outside the box to create wonderful, meaningful activities daily. The residents and families adore her, as does our entire team. Mary has been with us for just over three years and we are grateful she is here!

Carol Nadaud
Traditions at West Park Place

For more than 30 years, Carol has brought smiles, joy and laughter to our residents, families and associates. Carol never leaves a resident in need, always making sure they get the attention they need. She is amazing, full of energy and always here for our residents.

It’s clear Carol loves West Park Place and she takes time each day to listen to residents talk about their days and share their interests. She is sincere, asking for feedback, incorporating new ideas, giving emotional support, and sharing a laugh or two. Residents respond to Carol and trust her to provide honest and truthful guidance. She is a gem in the community.

Carol is also here to help residents through the transition of a move and getting them engaged and active in the programs they want and need most, whether it’s exercise, bingo, entertainment or educational activities. She has even had the opportunity to serve two generations of seniors in the same family and remembers everyone who has resided with us. Carol is loved by our residents and families.

Johnna Hale
Traditions at Beaumont

Johnna is one of the best activities directors we have ever worked alongside. Her enthusiasm and dedication is truly amazing. Our residents just love her and she loves them right back. She will do anything in the world for them.

I am nominating her not only because she goes above and beyond each and every day, but because she is also a beautiful person inside and out. She recently took time out of her day to help me with a new resident who had gone from living at home independently to needing a lot of help. This woman was extremely resistant to moving to a community and her family was anxious.

Johnna drove the bus to pick our new resident up from home. I reminded her of our situation, but Johnna walked right in with that beautiful smile and personality and asked Laura if she liked to play bingo. She did. Johnna had her talking about all kinds of games and things to do, telling her she was going to be right there with her all the way.

I am so excited to be working with so many amazing people, but Johnna has that special gift. She is truly an angel from God for these residents.

Jamie Kowalczyk
Traditions at Solana

Jamie is an incredible, skilled and valuable addition to our team. She goes out of her way to make our residents happy and we appreciate the effort it takes to maintain a positive attitude, even when faced with challenging situations.

When Jamie sees something that needs to be done, she does it. She is the first to stop and help a resident with a technical difficulty and follows through until the problem is solved. She is the epitome of above and beyond, without a complaint! The words no and can’t are not in her vocabulary.

Jamie runs errands on her own time and is constantly doing research and trying new ideas to engage our residents. She’s always in a great mood and it’s infectious. She treats everyone like family and they reciprocate that feeling back to her!

Robin Hoffman
North Bend Senior Living

Robin brings joy to our residents and community. When you are having a bad day, she is always there to lift your spirits. Besides all of the fun she orchestrates with our residents, she continues to connect residents with their families with FaceTime and phone calls. Robin makes a point to know each resident and their families on a personal level. We are lucky to have her on our team.

Emma Simendinger
Cherry Blossom Senior Living

When Emma walks into the community, our residents know that they are in for another special day. She puts residents first, she is generous with warm hugs and you can feel her smile even from behind her PPE mask.

Covid precautions have not slowed her down; she’s simply reached for new, creative ideas and activities. Tea parties, Christmas caroling, daily exercises, gardening, painting, creative crafts, happy hours, card clubs, devotions, resident council, scavenger hunts, brain teasers, games and more, Emma is always introducing new residents and is instrumental in encouraging friendships among neighbors.

We can’t wait to see what 2021 will hold with Emma’s planning and Covid vaccinations happening now. She has been so creative over the past several months and we are so glad to have her.

Melissa Kell and Kim Hensley
Highgrove at Tates Creek

Both of these lovely ladies have gone above and beyond to entertain our residents during these trying times. They have continuous enthusiasm and love for our residents, and have been doing one-on-ones since March, when group activities have been few and far between. Melissa has been able to pivot activities on the move, bringing joy to everyone daily.

I can’t say enough nice things about them both and appreciate everything they do for my staff and residents.

Carla Reed
Traditions of Brookside

Carla has been with me since we opened, and we are blessed to have her. She is very good at what she does and goes above and beyond to engage residents and meet their needs. Carla is a true team player who brings a lot of positive energy to our team.

Bettye George
Park Place Senior Living

Bettye has always made sure our residents feel special and cared for every day. She helps to keep them entertained in the activity rooms, in their apartments and in the common areas, doing whatever is needed in regard to activities and everything beyond her normal job duties.

Thank you for showing love, grace and fun to our residents, Bettye and for all you do!

Mary Jordan, Michael Loyola and Kelle Gerding
Traditions of Deerfield

Both Mary and Michael originally were servers at Deerfield. Michael was promoted to Activities Assistant about a year ago, and Mary to Director a short time ago. They have always been active, upbeat and willing to support residents in whatever they do.

Mary is full of energy, love and has excellent ideas to keep staff and residents energized. I swear she has a special closet at home just for costumes! Michael has always been engaged with every resident at Deerfield. He even took a day off to attend an outing at the zoo with residents. He loves each and every one of them as if they were his own grandparents.

These two were a dream team while in the dining room and now a power duo in activities. We could not ask for a better team to engage residents and keep them social.

I would also like to recognize Kelle Gerding, who is so kind and loving toward our residents in Memory Care. She knows just what they need to occupy their attention, especially when they are having a rough day.

April Seibers and Makayla Keith
Traditions at Reagan Park

Prior to becoming an Activity Director, April was a caregiver. Although her title has changed, she will always be a caregiver at heart. Throughout the pandemic, April has worn many hats. She has a willingness to do whatever it takes for the greater good of the residents, community and team.

During the height of the outbreak, April gladly rolled up her sleeves and worked what became our ‘Covid Unit.’ She helped to nurture our residents back to health, and still supports the nursing staff by filling in when they need her. She also takes the initiative to make sure that PPE is stocked and continues to assist with daily sanitation. April always goes above and beyond to make sure team members are ok and to support them. She has a servant’s heart, and we are grateful to have her on our team.

Makayla supports our Varietas programming. During the height of the outbreak, her job description changed dramatically. She went from engaging residents in meaningful activities to assisting the residents with important things like eating, staying hydrated, providing bedside companionship and keeping them connected with their loved ones through text messaging, phone calls, photos, videos and FaceTime calls.

Makayla played a huge part in nurturing our residents back to health and in helping families feel a part of their loved ones’ recoveries. She has a tender soul, a huge heart and she loves big. The residents have felt her love not only throughout this pandemic, but every single day.

Sharlene Burford
Middleton Senior Living

Sharlene started in activities and was promoted to Memory Care Activity Director when we decided to dedicate staff to better serve our population. She does a wonderful job with our residents.

Sharlene also stepped up when we did not have an Activity Director to oversee all departments. She was one of our staff members who stayed for a two-week lockdown in an attempt to isolate and eradicate Covid when the pandemic first started and was here to provide activities, meals, care or whatever else was needed during this time.

Sharlene’s passion is memory care, but she continues to make a difference throughout Middleton. We feel blessed to have her on our team and grateful she loves what she does.